Neues Rathaus

Restaurant Gartensaal
Trammplatz 2
30159 Hannover

Arrive by Train

Take a train to Hannover Hbf. If you want to proceed by foot go to the entrance hall (small platform numbers) if you prefer the Subway/Tram go to the opposite (larger platform numbers)

Arrive by Plane

Take the S-Bahn near Terminal C and exit at Hannover Hbf. Your ticket should be a 2-Zonen-GVH-Einzelticket. It is also valid for the Subway/Tram and Bus. Most likely you will arrive on platform 1. The Subway/Tram station is located near the last platform 14.

Proceed by Subway/Tram

You have two choices

  • Take a blue line (Line 3 (Wettbergen), 7 (Wettbergen), 9 (Empelde)) and exit at "Waterloo". Go north east and follow the signs to Rathaus (ca. 550 m)
  • Take a red line (Line 1 (Sarstedt), 2 (Rethen), 8 (Messe/Nord)) and exit at Aegidientorplatz (or Schlägerstraße if you want to go to the hotel). Go south west and follow the signs to Rathaus (ca. 500 m)

For all choices (incl. stop at Schlägerstraße) you can buy a "KurzstreckenTicket" for 1.50 EUR (single use, 3 stops only) or a "TagesEinzelTicket" for 5.40 EUR (for the whole day within 1 zone) (price overview)

Proceed by foot (ca. 1.5 km)

Leave the station and go straight and take the biggest street (Bahnhofsstraße) heading to a square (Kröpcke; Also the name of the biggest Subway/Tram stop). Take a photo of the Kröpcke Uhr. Take now the street slightly to your left (Georgstraße). If you see the opera house on your left, you are right. Take a picture. Go straigt until you reach a busy street (This place is called Aegidientorplatz or Aegi for locals) - not necessary to take a picture. If you go downstairs you can follow the signs to "Rathaus" (or "Hildesheimer Str." if you want to go to the hotel). Otherwise keep a bit right and follow the "Friedrichswall" heading west. Soon you will spot the new Town Hall.